Ponderings: Remember Me

And the dying and the living cry out: Remember Me!

We live in a “feel good” world where magazines, advertisements, and other media assault our senses on a daily basis. They shout at us: “If you would only do such and such, or buy this or that, or change so and so, you would be whole; you would be perfect; and all life would be happy and content.Continue reading “Ponderings: Remember Me”

Wasted on the Way

In the midst of attempting to sort, pack, discard, donate, re-pack…a song popped up: Crosby, Still, & Nash’s song “Wasted on the Way.” And as I sat there listening to the song, I realized how this piece of music from my past is so appropriate at this time of life (for any time of life). Continue reading “Wasted on the Way”

What’s in a Thought? Part 4

“Playground Merry-Go-Round”

When you were a kid, did you ever go to a playground that had one of those crazy spinning merry-go-round pieces of equipment? The one that sits very still and waits for you to approach it. Then you grab an ounce of courage, seize the outside bars and beginning running in circles making the merry-go-round spin faster and faster. At just the right moment, before you lose total control, you jump on and if you are lucky, you make it. Continue reading “What’s in a Thought? Part 4”