Hydrostatic Pressure

What? What the heck is “hydrostatic pressure”? Well, it’s the water pressure in the ground around the home, as an example. It is the all too frequent cause of water damage inside the home when the pressure pushes the water through the nooks and crannies…and sometimes seemingly impenetrable walls of the home. Once inside, it can lead to damage to flooring, furniture, and walls. It can also linger on as mold and mildew. Continue reading “Hydrostatic Pressure”

“America is Angry. Now What?” (Escape Adulthood blog)

Putting on the Adult hat for a moment, I find I resonate with the words in the Escape Adulthood article (https://escapeadulthood.com/blog/2020-06-07/america-is-angry.html) and appreciate the Yoda-ish flavor of the chain reaction of fear (“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” –Yoda). Continue reading ““America is Angry. Now What?” (Escape Adulthood blog)”


Sometimes I sit back and wonder where all the time goes. I mean, I intend on doing this or that but for some reason, those carefully crafted plans never come to fruition. Why is that? What is keeping me from “being all that I can be” to quote a familiar motto? Continue reading “Discipline”

The Wall

Once upon a time, two groups of people disagreed. Instead of working through their disagreement, some became so entrenched and emotionally attached to their opinions and views, they began building a wall. It was no ordinary wall because once the other group saw the wall going up, they too decided to add to the wall on their side. Those on the left believed they were always right, and only their ideas would ever work; those on the right thought they were always correct, and only their concepts would ever work. Continue reading “The Wall”