What’s in a Thought? Part 5

Photo finishes

Just the phrase “photo finishes” conjures up horse races, marathons, and other events where the only way to guarantee who the right winner is, is to take a photograph and see whose efforts paid off.

But photo finishes also imply an end, a set way of looking at things. And yet…had the camera been positioned differently, what view would we have seen? The winner would still be the winner but would we have seen a knowing glean in their eyes? Or maybe a flash of lighting that creates an inspiring moment of unbounded energy? Or perhaps the instant note of defeat in the eyes of the one who did not cross the finish line first?

Taking a different view. In photography, it means not taking all photographs from a single point of view but moving the camera (and our focus) around snapping one or more photos from different vantage points…through objects…around objects…from below or above. By doing so unique moments are created, new vistas are explored, and we are better for it.

Whether it is observing grandkids at play, sporting events, or taking pictures of nature, unexplored ways of taking photos can lead to moments of clarity and reflection.

Now…here’s the hard part. Apply that to your life. Change your view, perspective, point of reference and what do you see?

Me? I see the things I need to change but can embrace the “weirdness” of my point of view.

So, give it a try…both with your camera as well as with your life. You might see something extremely inspiring.