What’s in a Thought? Part 4

“Playground Merry-Go-Round”

When you were a kid, did you ever go to a playground that had one of those crazy spinning merry-go-round pieces of equipment? The one that sits very still and waits for you to approach it. Then you grab an ounce of courage, seize the outside bars and beginning running in circles making the merry-go-round spin faster and faster. At just the right moment, before you lose total control, you jump on and if you are lucky, you make it.

At that point, you either immediately sit down or gingerly make your way to the center, which from all appearances is a calmer part of the ride…but in reality makes you so dizzy you can’t walk after the ride is over. Sometimes you make your way to the center then turn around to make your way back to the outer edge. Again, at hopefully the right moment, you gather your legs and take a leap from the merry-go-round and land gracefully, playfully, or clumsily on solid ground.

Now think of your life, your career, your brushes with parenthood, your life as a child. There are moments when we can just stand back and watch others spin seemingly out of control. There are times when we decide to take a chance for adventure and grab the reins of life. Moments exist where we struggle to reach our calm point in the midst of chaos…the center of the ride where our visions, our expectations, our circumstances, and our goals are leading us.  At that point we find that perhaps there’s more to life, so we make our way out to new adventures. And of course, there are those moments where we need to “get gumption” take a leap of faith, or maybe we decide to just rest until the ride is over.

Simple playground equipment and observing our thoughts as we remember our time on the rides or as we watch kids play can spark so many thoughts and reflections about how we live our life, how we would like to live our life, and the reflection of lessons learned along the way.

Here’s to playground moments!