What’s in a Thought? Part 3


I have lived my life in a thoughtless kind of way. It is not all-inclusive but does mean there are times when forgetfulness, convenience, and perhaps people-pleasing has influenced what and how I have lived life.

I do not mean I have been thoughtless in how I treat others but thoughtless in the sense of going through days without any thought or awareness of what I was doing…a mundane routine (ha! I needed to remember the “new traffic pattern” sign “Ah-Ha” moment!). But it’s true. People come in and out of our lives, and some make a sizable impact, but life carries us away from them. And it is not until a stray thought, an odor, a sound, or a similar face appears that we remember those people and wonder where they are, how life has been for them, and whether they even remember us…and how we could have left them behind.

Please note: I say “we” but you and I both know I just mean “me” right? After all, even if you and I sit side-by-side at a football game, see the same game, and watch the same spots on the field, we are all unique and come away with different views, notions, and opinions of the game).

But it is difficult to live each moment in a mindful way…to cast our sight into the future and wonder how this moment will be reflected on with hindsight view. So, I will continue to do the best I can in this moment, at this time, with this person, and pray the future will be kind and I will look back and celebrate those moments when I did not go through life “thoughtless.”

Celebrate each moment…do so now and in reflection.