What To Do

We returned from several trips this past weekend. I think we’re done with major trips, kenneling and pet-sitting activities for a while but you never know. So where does that leave us?

Tired – in a good way. Tanned – for those tan-enabled. Overwhelmed – by all of the routine activities that immediately picked up. Grateful – for the time away, for family, for the ability to take time away.

So what to do now that we have returned to our home?

Geez. Asking that is like having a pop-up display appear before our eyes with an endless to do list. One item not on the list is “take the to do list and eliminate it” but even without a list just walking around the house brings up so many things which need to be done.

Maybe minimalism is the answer? Get rid of everything except for the very bare essentials (your definition of “bare essentials” will be different than mine). Streamline everything. Get rid of extra furniture and electronics. Donate or sell everything (think “tiny house” square footage). Take the computer files and delete all files older than, say, a year. Remove any landscaping requiring maintenance of any sort unless yard work is your passion.

Sounds great in some ways but I have tried the “oh no, there’s a XYZ out of place and I must run to put it back” mindset and while it may comforting for those who have the knack for it, I’ve had to face the fact that  I’m a messy person. I find comfort in my nests of books, CDs and papers as long as I do not let them get out of hand. And yes, I generally know where everything is even if it’s in a pile of paper which has been flat-filed on top of my file cabinet, desk or dresser.

So now what? Well, finishing one project prior to starting a new one may be an answer to tackling the endless home to do list. Reviewing the 1000s of photos taken on a trip immediately following a trip and purging all but the best of the best images is another way to get “control” of digital stuff.

Image: https://pixabay.com

Shredding all documents which are not required for long-term record keeping is a possible solution to the mounds of paper. Allocating home spaces for functionality (sleep, read, binge watch TV, family, play games, eat et al) and removing all items that are out of alignment with the room’s purpose is yet another sanity solution in giving some order out of…let’s face it…chaos.

Oh, and how about taking one small step at a time instead of tackling “all of it” at one time; it will make the task so much less overwhelming (hmmmm…. “much less” has a crazy ring to it. Is it “much” or “less”?). And scrap the idea of perfection…some things do not require perfection but only need to be “good enough.”

Do you need “what to do” house/to do list declutter ideas for yourself? Try Mariëlle van Aart-Coppes’s MagicalDaydream tips derived from her experiences using Marie Kondo’s tips and Minimalism: http://www.magicaldaydream.com/2019/07/declutter-my-creative-office.html

Now, which file-file has  my journal? Dang…guess I need to sift through my mountain of stuff!