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PLAYI have been reading and observing a lot about the “lost” art of playfulness in our lives, and the real benefits of looking at life through the eyes of play. Reflecting on it, it seems that we become educated away from play; we begin to separate play times from work times and begin the process of dying from terminal professionalism once we enter the marketplace (although granted there are some companies that encourage creativity, silliness, playfulness, and lightheartedness while continuing to get the work done).

And yet we are so much more than that and our creativity sparks when we allow moments of playfulness (or an attitude of play?) to enter into all aspects of our lives and not just small moments of compartmentalized fun.

Hmmm. Perhaps I’ve said too much…this note is almost too serious (and is reminiscent of Adultitis as penned by escapeadulthood.com). Time to go and wave at store entrance video cameras!

What are your moments of playfulness, silliness and lightheartedness?

If you want to read more, try Bernie DeKoven’s A Playful Path or this article written by Peter Gray about Bernie’s free ebook: Psychology Today “A Playful Path, and DeKoven’s Advice for Getting Back on It”

(originally published 11/13/2016; transferred and modified 3/2/2016)

Recovering the art of play...