The Verbs

This was a busy week. We managed to enact a bunch of verbs: climbing, fishing, casting, spinning, swinging, acting, singing, dancing, playing, riding, casting and teaching to mention a few.

Riding was a “solo” act (one person per horse) that occurred at the Tanglewood Farms stables. Riding Henry the horse, Isaiah headed off with Grandmama and the trail leader, Melissa, on his first trail ride. Isaiah enjoyed the whole trail ride and thought it was cool how big Henry was (bigger than Grandmama’s horse) and that he was able to trot a few times with Henry. Isaiah was proud of Henry since he provided a great, calm ride and he was the only horse who did not stop to go #2 but he was concerned that his backside was going to be a bit sore after all that riding.

Teaching the art of Casting was led by Jeremiah with Pa as his eager Fishing student. Jeremiah’s ability to cast his fishing line out into the middle of the lake was almost supernatural and he was all too glad (and patient) to show and explain to Pa how it was done. Soon we both were casting into the middle Tanglewood’s Mallard Lake and though we did our best to attract fish, we had no luck in catching any fish with our “look-real” bait.

Fishing continued later that day at Village Point Lake with Isaiah. We tried the dock then tried one of our “favorite” spots. We caught snags, sticks and plants and Isaiah was the only one to catch a baby bluegill. The next morning Isaiah and Pa went to Tanglewoods’ Mallard and Skilpot lakes to try our luck again. This time it was Pa who caught a large bluegill at Skilpot Lake but Isaiah managed to use his hands and caught a juvenile five-lined skink, also called the blue-tailed lizard (unlike their amphibious “cousins” the salamanders). Isaiah noted how the skink had small claws on its legs and how cool it looked up close. That Isaiah had the speed and cleverness to actually catch one was amazing!

Climbing was encountered on playgrounds in Tanglewood and Oak Ridge Town Park. At Tanglewood, climbing on the playground equipment, Swinging on the swings, and climbing a low-to-the-ground tree were the three main activities (it was HOT out). At Oak Ridge, Isaiah and Analise took turns practicing their Ninja Warrior skills on the monkey bars, the spinning circle bars, the balance poles, and the slide “zip line” bar.  They used the dual slides as their Ninja Wall racing up to the top to see who would press the buzzer first.

Spinning around in circles at Oak Ridge Town Park, Isaiah and Analise became dizzy, helped each other spin in circles and acted out “cool person” roles. Pa got into the act by spinning them as fast as he could then after they became a little too dizzy, “unwinding” their dizziness by spinning them in the opposite direction.

Acting, Singing and Dancing occurred on Oak Ridge Town Park stage as improv routines and acts were played out with and without music accompaniment. Music from Aladdin and Little Mermaid helped the final acts come to a successful conclusion. Pa tried to go back stage (behind the wall) but was told in no uncertain terms by Analise, The Director, that NO ONE was allowed back stage. Grandmama found a cushy grass seat to watch the whole production unfold.

So there you have it. The whole idea of “The Verbs” is a great way to describe the very active, barely in control lives of 4, 7, and 8 year olds.

Hmmmm, maybe more “verbs” are needed in my life as well…