Missed & Re-Missed

As our family comes into celebration week, named such due to the number of birthday and anniversary events during this 7-day period, I realized I had missed writing about several outings and was remissĀ in getting them put together. So here are several brief adventure highlights, comments and tips (making it a really long writing!) without any attraction note summaries but perhaps with some typos šŸ˜‰ . Continue reading “Missed & Re-Missed”

Get Sickā€¦prelude to a Busy Week! Part 1

Subtitle: Day 1 ā€œParksā€

Well, I managed to succumb to the spring flu season this year and shared it with my wife (such a giving husband!). This delayed, postponed and cancelled any adventures with the grandsons and sadly cancelled my participation in a birthday celebration put together by my granddaughter. Dang!

To start to make up for it the grandsons went on several adventures, which I am initially writing as one blog post but will actually publish it as two posts breaking it in half based on each daysā€™ activities. See the Attraction Notes for relevant event reviews (layout changed based on feedback ā€“ let me know whether this change is helpful). Continue reading “Get Sickā€¦prelude to a Busy Week! Part 1”