EVERYDAY LESSONS: Learning from a Single Example

(Written on 6/3/2021 for DOC Morning Watch 7/17/2021)


This entry is a transcribed version from a recent presentation. It has been modified to be “legible” for those who were not in the presentation, however it will be lacking the music, photos and videos used. Hopefully, the intent and point will come across anyway… Continue reading “EVERYDAY LESSONS: Learning from a Single Example”

What’s in a Thought? Part 4

“Playground Merry-Go-Round”

When you were a kid, did you ever go to a playground that had one of those crazy spinning merry-go-round pieces of equipment? The one that sits very still and waits for you to approach it. Then you grab an ounce of courage, seize the outside bars and beginning running in circles making the merry-go-round spin faster and faster. At just the right moment, before you lose total control, you jump on and if you are lucky, you make it. Continue reading “What’s in a Thought? Part 4”

Great Adventures

In a week or so, it will be 71 years since my parents left Europe to make the voyage to America. Since I have not been brave enough to do a similar commitment, I cannot state for fact how they felt. I can imagine excitement, trepidation, grief, regret, frustration, joy, anxiety, and a sense of adventure all playing havoc as they crossed the Atlantic in what I would today consider a very long voyage.

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Confirmation Bias

From Wikipedia: “Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms or supports one’s prior beliefs or values.”

We are all somewhat guilty of this especially during the 2020 chaos and divisiveness but our media streams and search engines (and streaming media) filter bubbles only set our preferences (aka biases) in virtual stone.

Wonder what would happen if I begin to continuously search for kindness, bubble guppies, compassion, caring, gratitude, paw patrol, love, hugs, peace, and other terms of endearment and unity? Could be an experiment with timely implications versus continuing to do searches regarding the election results et al…

Time to be like the storybook King Arthur and pull that sword out of the virtual stone.

(And if you do not believe me, do a search from multiple search engines or create a brand new streaming media profile on a service you subscribe to…your results may just amaze you.)

Walkertown Community & Town Center Parks

(c) 2020 PNehnevajsa

Playgrounds come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Some are in sunny locations, others are hidden within the shadows of surrounding trees. A visit to one park led to the visit of another park, and this write-up summarizes the mental notes taken (okay…at least those mental notes I can remember 😉 ). Continue reading “Walkertown Community & Town Center Parks”