EVERYDAY LESSONS: Learning from a Single Example

(Written on 6/3/2021 for DOC Morning Watch 7/17/2021)


This entry is a transcribed version from a recent presentation. It has been modified to be “legible” for those who were not in the presentation, however it will be lacking the music, photos and videos used. Hopefully, the intent and point will come across anyway… Continue reading “EVERYDAY LESSONS: Learning from a Single Example”

What’s in a Thought?

When I look around, there are times when a particular scene, activity, sign, or other happenstance triggers an idea. Better yet, those “ideas” really become metaphors, similes, analogies et al for life experiences, thoughts, and behaviors. The next few posts are just a few random analogies, not fully fleshed out, but then again it may be up to you to see the metaphor needed in your life. They are a way of looking at ourselves, our history and experiences, and our future. A way of helping us remember something that will help with our current relationships and situations whether those are with family, friends, or our kids and grandkids. A way of putting our “Shoes On a Rail,” sitting quietly, and taking note.

So here’s the first of just a few… Continue reading “What’s in a Thought?”

Footstep Analogies & Metaphors

There are so many analogies and metaphors about footsteps that it seems self-serving to write yet another missive about them. Well, yes in a way it is but it is also my way to explain how everyday events can be used to help me relate stories and thoughts to others. Continue reading “Footstep Analogies & Metaphors”