Great Adventures

In a week or so, it will be 71 years since my parents left Europe to make the voyage to America. Since I have not been brave enough to do a similar commitment, I cannot state for fact how they felt. I can imagine excitement, trepidation, grief, regret, frustration, joy, anxiety, and a sense of adventure all playing havoc as they crossed the Atlantic in what I would today consider a very long voyage.

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Life as a Second Thought

milestonesIt’s a shame really. To have lived and to discover that you haven’t or that you had but took so much for granted. Without a real awareness we allow our culture, upbringing, sense of responsibility and “life” to dictate our living.

Now some would say that this note might be similar to others posted here or on other sites that decry the mess we’ve made of our lives intentionally or unintentionally but that is not really my aim. Continue reading “Life as a Second Thought”