You Were Born 2 Win (20230219)

On check-out desk at a local doctor’s office, the scheduler had put together a Motivation bucket. Inside were hundreds of slips of paper, each with a different motivational statement. I asked if I could take one, and she said sure. Reaching in, I grabbed one and read it:

“You Were Born 2 Win!!”

And I jokingly said I would go out and buy lottery tickets and share the winnings with her. We chuckled about it but as I left the office, I was seized with the idea…after all I needed to go the grocery store anyway.

So I bought my groceries then wandered over to the Lottery machine which was set up in the front of the store. Reading the instructions (I had never used the machine before), I found out how to scan my ID, enter my money, and then choose 5-$1 and 3-$5 scratch-off tickets. Placing them in my pocket, I like so many other lottery ticket buyers had hopes of winning…at least what I had invested.

Waiting until later I the day, I began scratching off each ticket. Scratch off dust began to make a pile on my desk. The scratching went from an excited, quick scratch-off to a “well, so much for that!” For the effort of scratching and scratching until everything was revealed, I won $2. So, I managed to get a negative 90% return on my investment of $20.

And it was interesting to observe my feelings go through the ups and downs of “oh, maybe this card!” and “darn, maybe the next card…” Though I did not expect to win anything, hope, excitement, disappointment, smiles and a final acceptance ran over me.

I know the motivational statement was not specific to the lottery…it was a joke between me and the receptionist.

It has to do with an attitude in life…not a guarantee. Knowing that you are a winner in everything you do…successes and failures…just because you exist. The lessons you learn, those you pass on, and the ripples of interactions with others.

That to “win” requires a positive feeling of excitement …a can-do attitude no matter the circumstances… in every activity and interaction.

And on bad and sad days that winning attitude is so hard to maintain or even find in the sweltering mass of negativity to which we subject ourselves. It is at those times we need to remember, embrace, and repeat the simple mantra of:

“You Were Born To Win!!”

Re-using what’s in front of you… (20220430)

Perspectives on re-use

Take for example a dollar store pair of sunglasses no one wants to use. Add a sprinkle of googly eyes ?. Place on nose and voilà…you see (and present yourself) differently.

How many things do we constantly use per the basic rules, instructions and expectations, when with a slight shift in perspective (ie, what else can I do with this) we can gain hours of more fun, exploration and use?