quote source: “Australia”

Story. Life Journey. Life Map. Timeline. Legacy. History. Impact.


Accumulation. Clutter. Stuff. Storage. Hoarding. Knick Knacks. Collectibles.

It is so easy to focus on goods and material things to the exclusion, deterrence or distraction from remembering and celebrating my story. Looking around at the things I have accumulated and own makes me realize they have, in some strange way, become the owners (hmmm…good storyline there). While mementos, movies, and photos are crucial in keeping my story in mind, there are so many other things in my life that do not add to its value or history.

    • The books and items, which support the creation of the person I am or imagine I will be, cry out to me from the dusty bookshelves waiting to be opened and consumed.
    • The musical instruments that sing their songs mutely because “there is never time for them.”
    • The hobbies that lie fallow in the ditches of sallied creativity and good intentions.
    • The projects imagined, designed or started which never see the finish line due to lack of funding, passion, energy, or commitment.

All of these I tolerate and contemplate over…and over again.

And although this note has the demeanor of whining, complaining and a tinge of depression, that is not the intent. It is meant as a personal (and you are included if it strikes a chord with you) wake up call to really look around and see what things are getting in the way of remembering and honoring my (and your) story. Daylight worries and midnight slapped awake anxieties about the stuff in life versus treasuring and being grateful for the tiniest moments we have with ourselves and with others. Seeing the passage of life from those we hold near and dear…and being left without enough (or too much) substance to tell their stories for them.

Somewhat morose. Somewhat sad…

…but hopeful. Ever hopeful.

Hope that today will bring about an anchor point in life that will be remembered and shared. A hope that time will be taken to reflect on the stories of others and their role in the bigger story of life. The hope that moments are set aside to celebrate the lives touched by us and how our life has been touched by others. And remembering that…

    • It is my charge to cull and slough off the hinderances which impede the writing of new story chapters.
    • It is my honor to reflect on and share the stories of others especially those who have passed away.
    • It is my privilege to take time to reflect on our stories and to share them when the time is right.
    • It is my chance to see how I can enhance my story and enrich others’ stories by the actions I take today and tomorrow.

Here’s to “just trying to live a good” story and sharing it with those we care about.