Stopped at the Speed of Thought

Sometimes I get stopped (writing, doing, adventuring) by thoughts conjured up by magic genies. They creep around waiting for unsuspecting minds. Once found, those minds become the playground for these little creatures, who treat each neuron as a slide, each synapse as a swing, and coherent thought as a merry go-round.

Cheerfully running amok, these genies are hard to put back in their bottles, and yes, there is usually more than one genie running around giggling at the chaos triggered. But back in their bottles they must go, for we are a species who likes “things” nice and orderly… compartmentalized and pigeon-holed to perfection. We do not do well with genie-inspired bedlam.

And they are slippery imps. Grab one and try to grip another, then the first one gets away. If you are lucky to grab two, they keep you so busy there is no chance to grab the rest. It’s the old, “take one step forward then two steps back” scenario.

They are also voracious eaters. They consume any distraction, distortion, and disruption of organized thought. Whether it is the “fear of missing out” or “you only live once” or “social media” or “doom scrolling” or … well, you fill in the blanks, they gobble it all up and are never satisfied. Grabbing handfuls of sundry information, sights, smells, tastes, touches, and sounds, they scamper off with chuckles at the mess they have consumed and created.

So, how to contain these critters? I have NO idea, but I believe meditation, quiet, solitude, and a steady diet of mindfulness will soothe these sprites. It won’t eliminate them entirely, because they are always with us, lurking just out of sight. And they remind us that our life is filled with “last moments” which we never pay attention to, give credence to, or celebrate.

I must really look around at the disorder caused by these hobgoblins of my own making. When was the last time I felt in “control”? When was the last time I finished something even though it wasn’t “perfect”? When was the last time I celebrated any “last” moments (of friends, jobs, education, fun, play, adventures, puzzles, cup of coffee…)? When was the last time I tried to sit sans electronics, news, social media? When was the last time I appreciated the magical gift of life, the wonder of the modern world, and the blessing of the learnings of the past?

Darn those genies!

Oops, excuse me, there goes one now and I need to grab it before it gets awa…