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stuffSo, where has this blog been? What has taken so much time that writing a short piece for this site seems impossible?


Stuff to do. Stuff to get. Stuff to put away. Stuff to sort. Stuff to read. Stuff to clean. Stuff to maintain. Stuff to organize. Stuff . Stuff. Stuff.

Stuff to do.

From the website (ref:

From c. 1400 as “fill, cram full; fill (the belly) with food or drink, gorge;” from early 15c. as “to clog” (the sinuses, etc.); from late 14c. as “fill (a mattress, etc.) with padding, line with padding;” also in the cookery sense, in reference to filing the interior of a pastry or the cavity of a fowl or beast. The ballot-box sense is attested from 1854, American English; in expressions of contempt and suggestive of bodily orifices, it dates from 1952.”

Or Merriam-Webster website (ref:

“Origin and Etymology of stuff

Middle English, from Anglo-French estuffes goods, from estuffer to fill in (with rubble), furnish, equip, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German stopfōn to stop up, from Vulgar Latin *stuppare

First Known Use: 14th century”

Letting stuff “stop up” or “fill” our lives gets in the way of living and upon reflection is almost criminal. We spend so much time worrying about our stuff, putting away our stuff or buying more stuff that we forget the most important “stuff” or as Benjamin Franklin put it:

“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.”

So what’s your “stuff” that gets in the way of living? Is it the latest techie toy? Book to read? Program to watch? Thing to do? Object to put away or clean or fix or…

Time to let the “stuff” go so that we can truly live.

Time to knock the stuffing out of “stuff.”

Time to seek what is truly important.

Time to simplify.

Let go of "stuff." Time to simplify.