What is RIND?

Regrets If Not Done” – It’s a type of “bucket list” but focused on regret prevention.

The source of this epiphany is an article written by Jason Kotecki of Escape Adulthood titled “Regret Prevention 101.”

The basic premise is to prevent regrets by proactively writing down a list of things to do with kids, gkids, family, and friends that you will regret later in life if not done.

Such a simple idea with such a big impact. We can only do our best today amid the busyness of life but thinking ahead and taking a wide-angle perspective on our life (and the impact of the lives of others) is just the thing the doctor prescribed.

Why? Well, do YOU have any regrets? Do YOU play the endless regret loop of “what if” or “I should have” or “why didn’t I?”?

I do.

And it IS an endless loop which has created a well-worn rut in my mind.

What if I had done this?

Why didn’t I do that?

How could I have been so stupid, silly, egotistical…?

I wish I would have…

I should have….

Before they left my life or passed away I should have said, done or shared…

Darn loop.

Endless loop.

So, here’s to preventing future loops from even starting by creating a RIND (aka Risk Prevention aka revised Bucket List) list for kids, gkids, family and friends…and intentionally planning those times one by one, day by day.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay