Ponderings: Remember Me

And the dying and the living cry out: Remember Me!

We live in a “feel good” world where magazines, advertisements, and other media assault our senses on a daily basis. They shout at us: “If you would only do such and such, or buy this or that, or change so and so, you would be whole; you would be perfect; and all life would be happy and content.

Even in the offices where people seek counseling help for a variety of maladies, the tables and racks are full of “YOU are NOT GOOD ENOUGH!” magazines. So how can we ever feel good about ourselves?

The modern way is to take medications and talk about our issues…and “oh, by the way, trust that we will write down truly what you say without interpretation or slant.”

Or “Come In, let me fix you” when all we sought was a listening ear. Someone to hear our memories and to remember what we shared in the world.

And that’s the key…instead of shunting off memories, regretting past actions, feeling guilt or remorse (which is perfectly okay), or acting like the world is whole and life is fine, what we seek is to be remembered. We want stories, perhaps both “good” and “bad”, to be shared so that those listeners can learn, laugh, grieve, and remember we were once part of this thing we call life.

Perhaps embracing memories, feeling them in our bones, and not denying them will help us in life. Perhaps remembering a person’s life, their actions and their being will allow us to hold tight to that fact that they were once with us.

Yes, it may hurt. Yes, it may bring joy. Yes, we may feel overwhelmed or full of regret. But that’s okay.

After all, they – the memories and people – are part of us. They help to make us who we are and can be honored but only if we intentionally…