This blog was originally intended to reflect on the moments of life and to be more mindful of each interaction, each memory-making scene from the short span of time we are given on this world.

And yet.

And yet it has been eight months since I have put virtual pen to paper. Life has a tendency to interfere with our plans. Distractions abound. Gladness and sadness moments come into play and with all of that we sometimes lose hope or focus too much on keeping ourselves busy (so as to not think and reflect?).

Recently, a young girl’s illness re-sparked a need to focus on the time we have…time which once spent is gone forever not to be reclaimed or relived except through imperfect memories.

Passage of Time

And here is where photographs come in. To remind us of the joys we have experienced, the moments of thankful living, the embarrassing scenes, and the vistas of beauty in nature and the people who surround us. It’s time to take more photographs…to laugh at life’s foibles, to share at times of grief and distress, to re-live if only for a moment those people and places that have come alongside us for life’s ride.

And not forget as we look at the photographs to share them with others so the memories can continue to bless them and in doing so honor those whose journey have taken unexpected turns. So let’s not let those photos sit idle gathering dust but once in a while grab a few and give thanks for the moments for this snapshot we call life.

Here’s to the lives reflected in our photos and the memories they share…

…in honor and memory of Mary Claire “Mare-Bear” Friedl, 10/20/07-12/02/17