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“Celebrate what’s right with the world.” (Dewitt Jones)

It is amazing how difficult it is to walk a neighborhood and just be an observer. There is a tendency to permit daily to-do’s, reflections on past events, preparations for future events, and temptations to grab the smartphone to check emails/social media. This permission snatches my attention from the riotous colors of springtime flowers, the green lawns following recent rains, the sounds of dogs barking their warnings and songbirds singing their praises, the flights of winged butterflies and birds, and the cool spring breeze caressing everything in its’ path.

It is challenging to be in the moment and simply notice the physical effects of the walk:

  • the wind blowing in front, from the side and up the back
  • the jolt of heel touchdown to the rolling launch off the ball of the foot
  • the happy joining of heart and lungs working tirelessly to energize each motion
  • the movement of the muscular system encouraging and supporting each step
  • the colors, shapes and differences providing a visual cornucopia
  • the quickly changing scents of budding trees and opening flowers

There is so much more that’s right in the world that slips by because it wasn’t in focus even though glimpses are seen on the periphery of our vision (try Good News Network for a different take on new
s stories). It takes effort to see from perspectives outside of those we are accustomed to. Sometimes it’s just looking at the worlSOAR_Perspectived from a child’s point of view or savoring the experiences of others.

Sometimes it’s just as simple as lying down and putting shoes on a rail and looking up for a change…just to see and reflect on what’s right in the world. It’s a different and enlivening perspective.

Viewing what's right in the world helps define our perspectives and smooth the rough edges of life.