Wind Fishing is Looking Up

I was out flying a kite the other day…doing my best to fish for the erratic winds blowing around me. Usually, I just have to cast the kite and I can catch the wind on my first attempt. This day was a bit different.

Wind Fishing

The wind went from quiescent to gusty and from blowing northward to cascading south (or east or west). Add in the change in direction and speed based on how high the kite flew, and what was a quick grabbing of the wind and soaring of the kite, turned into a dance where I was unsure of the music or the steps I was to follow.

I had to pay attention to the feel of the wind on my skin to discern the best position for the kite. I had to closely watch the kite to make sure its wings grabbed and filled with wind. I had to manage the tension on the string (rod, reel, and string) to ensure the kite was given freedom to soar or reeled in when the wind dictated a different direction. I also had to constantly look up and pretend I had some control of the situation and massage my neck which became stiff as I peered into the sky.

We all know wind fishing, like lake or ocean fishing, is all about patience (ever go fishing and never catch anything? ever try to fly a kite but never get lift-off?), knowing the environment (air and wind; lake, bay or sea; type of critter – wind, fish or other; type of coastland, shore, bank, boat), judging the best time of day (morning, afternoon, evening; midnight, low tide, high tide), and what bait (aka kite) to use to snag a keeper.

It is the pull and push of my sense of control, pride and knowledge versus nature, and for me, nature is usually the winner. I must keep vigilant, learn, observe, and change my tactics frequently…keeping the line taut when needed and releasing it to allow more movement and freedom.

And unlike water fishing where my focus is always down and out, wind fishing makes me look up. And that’s a great change in perspective. I not only get to watch the kite dance between the layers of wind, but I get the added benefit of observing the dance movements of the clouds and the birds who are so much better than I am at wind fishing…

Re-using what’s in front of you… (20220430)

Perspectives on re-use

Take for example a dollar store pair of sunglasses no one wants to use. Add a sprinkle of googly eyes 👀. Place on nose and voilà…you see (and present yourself) differently.

How many things do we constantly use per the basic rules, instructions and expectations, when with a slight shift in perspective (ie, what else can I do with this) we can gain hours of more fun, exploration and use?