Horizontal or Vertical…it makes a difference.

I had a dilemma.

Random Stacked Boxes c/o Pixabay.com

There was a box in our garage. And no, the photo is not our garage…

I remember seeing it. I remember the size. I remember the color. I remember the words written on top of it. I remember leaving it in the garage instead of moving it inside.

But I could not find it.

It’s not that it wasn’t there. It was. In clear view. But not as expected.

I had been looking for a horizontally oriented, white box sitting on top of another box or two.

My problem?

Orientation. Perspective.

I had expected to find the box lying horizontally on top of a stack of boxes. That is what I had remembered. That is the perspective I used as I walked around the garage seeking the missing box.

Yes, I eventually discovered the box, and yes, it was in the garage. But I, at the very last moment prior to leaving the garage the night before, had placed the box, vertically, inside another holder.

The box was the same color and size. The box was just oriented in an unexpected way. It was also not on a stack of boxes but placed inside another container.

Simple example of how expectations and perspectives can color our world and make us seek something which is right in front of us.

So, I had to ask myself how many other things, ideas, and people I run across, do I expect “this” but find “that” instead?

And that is not the kicker to this event. It’s that it was my MEMORY of how it should have been that made me stumble for fifteen minutes. Where I had tried to find something and passed by it multiple times in my vain attempt to find the “horizontal” excluding the “vertical.”

Here’s to seeing in 3 dimensions…with boxes, people and relationships.

Shoes On A Rail Re-Start

I had decided to let this site expire at the end of 2021 and perform a restart of content and format. The WordPress Theme is similar to the previous one published, but the content will start afresh.

After letting the old site go away, why start a new one?

Good question. No real answer though I can think of a couple of Dad Jokes in response.

So, here we go…

Layouts, menus, content will slowly make their way into this site. Until more inspiration appears, I hope you have something fun & outstanding happen to you today!

(note: two previously unpublished blogs have been added without the images that accompany the original writing)