A Brief Hiatus

It’s been a month…illness, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations and yes, some Adventures with Pa. It’s actually nice to just live in the moment without worry about journaling though not writing and capturing each moment is bittersweet.

So this is a quick post just to say “We’re back!” and posts will begin anew this week. So you can say a quick “Hi At Us” and we’ll chat soon!

A Day Indoors

93 dF. Hello Summer! No clouds to block the unrelenting rays of the golden globe which baths our planet with light and “other things” (ie., UV rays), so indoor activities today!

Analise bounced through the front door, Tigger-like, and for the most part, proceeded to coordinate our play time together. Continue reading “A Day Indoors”

Water, Water Everywhere

It’s hot. With temperatures in the 90s and high humidity, it’s hot. Did I say that already? It bears repeating…it’s hot. So what to do when the desire is to leave the comfortable confines of air conditioning and spend some time outdoors without sweat pouring off our bodies like Niagara Falls?

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Overcoming Obstacles

A lot of people have seen the obstacle courses that challenge participants with various activities (see example playground above). So keeping this in mind and last years’ attempt at the all American Noodle Warrior course, I surveyed the internet on various course components and realized a course could be built which permitted the gkids to configure the course any way they wanted. And not only that but it could be added to over time to change the course components.

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Bike Riding – Jamison Park and Muddy Creek Greenway

The gkids are learning how to ride bicycles. At first, they treated the bikes timidly but after several attempts and practices, they are almost too fearless (as far as Pa is concerned). Riding up and down the driveway, then escorted down the street they proved they had the stamina to try out riding on a greenway.

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Fourth of July Park

Analise, our granddaughter, had an exciting morning at her school, Triad Baptist Christian Academy, participating in Field Day. Playing outside all morning on a sunny Carolina day would normally tire out anyone, but this young lady wanted to join her friends and cousins for lunch and more play at the Fourth of July Park in Kernersville, NC. Of course, all of the other kids were boys leaving Analise the center of attention during the entire playtime. Continue reading “Fourth of July Park”

Marbles Kids Museum

Visiting the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, we decided to take the boys to the Marbles Kids Museum for the morning.

Parking was found along the streets and in parking decks but street parking was hard to come by so the parking deck was used. Cost for parking (note: these prices are subject to change and availability) was $2/hour or $12/day. Walk from the closest parking deck was no issue and soon we walked through the doors of the Marbles Kids Museum.

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