Lost In {Thought} Space (20230801)

Welcome to August…

Sitting quietly without any “distraction” is a challenge.

What distractions am I talking about? Phones, computers, books, paper & pencil, music, food, piles…er…collections (more about this at a later date) of topics/ideas/stuff.

Just sitting. Maybe with a warm beverage (coffee!!) but just being quiet and observing what is around me. Be mindful (over-used word today) and aware of my surroundings but trying to not form and thoughts or judgments about it. Being a bystander and observer. Only “participating” by “being” in my surroundings.

Being able to be lost in thought space with no coherent path or trail of thoughts. Letting the spark of imagination or the noticing of nature move me as if I were a leaf floating on top of a river.

So hard.

Then it hits me…why? Why try this extremely difficult (for me) activity? Why not forego it and get moving and doing?

Perhaps it’s because I do not spend any quality time with myself. I focus on others and tasks…the “shiny” things that grab my attention and leave me in the background. I lead an unexamined life.

Granted too much examination (self-analysis tests et al) can lead…nowhere. It may provide an “Ah-Ha” moment but if not used and remembered daily, it leads down the misty trails of easily forgotten, once-off moments.

Is it fear that keeps me from taking this time? Is it the unasked-for burden of tasks and ideas of things to do? Is it something in my past, present or anticipated future that keeps me from sitting still?

Don’t know…and that is probably the best reason to keep trying.

To take 15 minutes to sit and just…be.

How else will I take time to see who I have become?

Now I need ask myself, do I really care? At the end of life, will this be a death bed regret?

Don’t know…and again, maybe that is good enough to give it another go.

So, here’s to spending quality time with my thoughts…

…to no longer be lost in thought space but comfortable in my space.

Are you comfortable in your thought space?

Assumptions – Part 2 (20230702)

Perhaps there is some merit in collecting signs that have contextual meanings. The assumptions implicit in the wording are based on societal and cultural understandings, however, it is always a bit of fun to look at them from a different point of view.

Take this innocent looking sign:

At first glance it is understood this is a warning to those who follow the vehicle. Brakes lights will clue us in even more. The gist of it is to be prepared to stop at any random time.

Then again…

Without a person driving the vehicle, how can it stop? And why does it stop frequently…don’t they operate on a schedule? Maybe it means the vehicle will make frequent stops for gasoline (or diesel)?

Yup. Just a short post to show how we can read signs and fill in the gaps of meaning without any prompting, and the hilarity of some of the more “literal” readings is a bonus.

Warning: this post may come to an abrupt endi…