Only In Our Minds

A short thought for today.

Like so many I’ve spoken with, I tend to remember more negative times from my past than the good times. They get played over and over whether they are actions taken or not taken, missed moments, regrets, times of short-tempers, times of not standing up for self, or…you fill in the blanks.

And like wheels in a rut, they sequence continuously like our doom-scrolling news channels.

What if I were to begin to re-tell only the stories of the good times? Instead of personal doom-scrolling maybe glad-scrolling (aka Pollyanna “Glad Game”)? Would it make a difference?

So, the question is: can it be done consistently? Can I avoid the Ecclesiastes thoughts of everything is pointless and learn from the past to change the future?

Habits are hard to break. I will need to ponder this a bit to see if there is a way to make this type of thinking more natural.

It’s the stories we tell ourselves over and over that make a difference.  What about you? Do you doom- or glad-scroll through your life?

It’s only in our minds, you know…