One Month Down Eleven To Go!

So it’s been a busy time already. People are using the year 2020 to express their hopes this year will be filled with 20/20 Vision plans: where people can get back on track and have a real vision for their future.

Or maybe it is just another New Year’s resolution idea. Time will tell how disciplined everyone will be with their 20/20 eyesight.

Me? I am semi-disciplined. Okay, I guess that really means my “discipline” is fast dis-appearing for several reasons…er…excuses. Be that as it may, there is one area where discipline is really handy: planning what to do with two adventurous boys during this year.

Unlike last year, our adventure write-ups will not be so detailed or evaluative unless we do something entirely new (like ice skating, mountain gem mining et al). The ol’ fishing, painting, playing, movies, and so on will be noted but not evaluated since we did those activities in 2019. This may help me write these notes down quicker (and make them shorter?).

So January is done. What has happened so far? Here’s the list…

    • “What to do in 2020” brainstorming
    • Paint by number, coloring, and rock painting
    • Play-doh creations
    • Movies
    • Lincoln Log creations
    • Swimming
    • iPad time (this will become a rare or travel-only activity)
    • Badminton – inside and outside
    • Balloon activities (Baxter, our dog, does NOT appreciate this activity at all!)
    • Basketball and play-golf
    • Fishing in COLD weather (once is enough, though Isaiah did catch a catfish and is becoming a patient fisherman)
    • Winston-Salem and Greensboro Science Centers
    • US Figure Skating Championships
    • Surge Trampoline Park (will do an evaluative piece on this place later)
    • Pa’s Gem Story brainstorming (now to the actual writing!!)

Thankfully February is 2 days shorter! If we keep up this pace, the 2020 Brainstorming list will be done by the end of March!!

Nap time…