Oh Cay…

I was browsing through some photos on one of our home computers when I ran across this photograph. In of itself, it is an okay photo however two thoughts  percolated through my mind but could be summarized by “it’s always good to have company no matter how deep the water.”

This photo was taken on a Cay (Cay Caulker) off the shore of Belize after a week-long mission trip with Habit Missions helping to meet and feed those who are homeless. Reflecting on the circumstances, we had just finished time in Belize City making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, purchasing water, and grabbing snacks to feed those on the streets. Walking through Belize City (not the cruise line areas), we came across streets where people were just propped up on the sidewalks looking for food, looking for company. Our little band of merry men and women walked those streets, handed out what we had, and those who were adept at praying out loud sat and talked with the people then closed by offering up a prayer.

It took just a moment to stop, chat and pray but many were uplifted by the kindness and the willingness to actually see them as people and not objects. So mission trip thought: it was good for them, and for us, to have company if only for a short while.

A thought about the short time we are gifted with life: We can travel the roller coaster of life solo but there are so many more benefits having someone walk alongside us (just give this some thought on your own). From my perspective, it makes the bumps and roadblocks in life a bit easier to swallow when shared, and celebrates the joys with hugs and stories that will be retold  frequently.

So here’s to the two trees standing out in the middle of a cove. They may not realize how nice it is to have companionship but they provide an insightful example to those of us who take note … even if it is a couple of years later.

May you find someone who can join you in this brief journey we call life to ease the challenges and savor the joys…