Oak Ridge Town Park – Ninja Warrior Training

Picking up our granddaughter, Analise, in Kernersville NC then grabbing a bite to eat and a short playtime at Chick-Fil-A, we pondered what to do next. G’mama suggested Oak Ridge Town Park so off we went.

Just off of Lisa Rd in, yup you guessed it, Oak Ridge, this park boasts of two multi-use fields (soccer, football et al), two baseball fields, lots of walking paths, an amphitheater stage, and a playground. Though Analise did give the stage a try with the “Mahna-Mahnam” Muppets song, prancing around like a young diva, the focus of our time there was the playground.

Forget the slides! Forget the bridges! Forget just about everything on this well-endowed playground except for those activities that embraced the Ninja Warrior concept: monkey bars, platform jumping, and climbing wall.

Analise ran to the monkey bars and began her version of American Ninja Warrior training. Swinging quickly from bar to bar then doing it, again and again, made me long to be so full of energy, stamina, and strength. I could remember a time in my youth when I loved swinging from bar to bar, grasping each one tightly and letting go just the right moment. Watching Analise do that brought back a bit of nostalgia but more importantly, it amazed me how strong and nimble she is to be able to run her Ninja course training with little sign of fatigue.

After the curved monkey bars, she went platform hopping. Leaping like a gazelle, she traversed this part of her obstacle course, then of course like any good exercise regime she repeated it a couple more times before going back to the original monkey bars.

Then on to the next obstacle in her training: straight monkey bars!

Needing just a wee bit of assistance to reach them, I was informed she didn’t need any more help and grabbing each bar she swung gracefully through this “event.” Then back to the original monkey bars and jumping platforms having added these new bars to her routine.

I wish I had kept count of the number of times she went through these obstacles. She ended up finishing her Ninja training by climbing the rock wall, easily climbing up and over the obstacle. And still, she had energy … okay to be entirely truthful once she came to a complete stop she did seem a bit on the tired side (I would have been exhausted halfway through her training program). But through it all, she embraced the idea of Ninja Warrior training!

Life Lesson

Kids are marvelous in reminding us not only of our past endeavors but in showing us simple lessons by their actions. Today’s “Ah-Ha” moment? If we had not had to leave, Analise would have continued her practice. She would have pushed through any fatigue. She would not have given up. And when one activity might wear out its’ welcome, she would have just switched to another without complaint.


Push through fatigue.

Never give up.

Adapt without complaint.



Attraction Notes

  1. Link: Oak Ridge Town Parkhttps://www.oakridgenc.com/index.asp?SEC=BBD342AE-2B11-4584-AED9-B69A09950118&Type=B_BASIC
  2. Location: 6231 Lisa Dr, Oak Ridge, NC 27310
  3. Cost: zero
  4. What did the kids like/dislike: the variety of activities especially those activities that mirrored obstacle course training
  5. Kids opinion of it: Thumbs up!
  6. What to do: run, bike, walk, play on the playground, create a play for the stage, relax in the picnic shelters, bring balls and kick them about on one of the fields, bring kites on a windy day
  7. New places to eat along the way: none today
  8. Discoveries: the number of walking paths
  9. Difficulty of getting around: none. Accessible to everyone with flat paths for wheelchairs and lots of shady trees
  10. Return/Do Again?: Yes (we actually went with all of the grandkids a few days later to watch them participate in soccer practice).
  11. Restrooms: Clean and accessible.
  12. Parking: Plentiful.