Notice Your Filters

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Shoes on a Rail…enjoying the moment.

Have you ever focused on something and realized later how much you automatically filter out?

So much time was spent in focusing on the shoes and ensuring the lake was in the picture that it was not until after the shot was taken that the wires, cars, houses, planter, fire hydrant et al were noticed. They could be edited out of the picture but they serve as reminders for us to really look around and notice what else gets filtered out in life.

Yes, it could be overwhelming if every last detail was observed thus through years of experience, personal interest, and cultural values we create filters. Whether it is in visual (like the photo) or auditory (the ignoring of the white noise of fans and lights) observation, or in the virtual world of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, much is removed so that what is left makes sense to us (sidetrack: do an internet search on filter bubbles…and realize how much is filtered from our internet searches).

Now, when you get a few moments, place your shoes on a rail and glance at the scenery (conversation, relationship, thoughts) around you. Then take a second deeper look and see what else you have “cropped” out of your everyday awareness.

Are you surprised?

How aware are you of the filters you use to make sense of the world? Take a moment and really notice what is around you every day.