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I have always enjoyed music — almost any kind of music. Whether it’s country , bluegrass, rock and roll, gospel, classical, movie soundtracks, doo wop, crooners, new age, or other, for me music is a way of getting excited, calming down, feeling reflective, staying focused, becoming inspired, seeking wisdom, finding solace and escaping for a brief period of time.

Some works that are rashly branded as music should be actually listed as “hate crimes” against humanity by the very nature of the lyrics and the “calls to action” they engender, but let’s not get started on that. Instead, I want to look at one album out of the billions published and see what lessons can be learned and what Positive Influence it can have in daily life.

Let’s go back in time to another time and look at one of my all-time favorite crooners, Perry Como, and his album “ When Y ou Come to the End of the Day” published in 1958.

As you look at some of the titles of the songs, you know immediately that you will be inspired and moved: “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands, ” “Whither Thou Goest, ” “I May Never Pass This Way Again, ” “ A Still Small Voice, ” “May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You.”

Here are some examples of getting a bit of relief and joy from music:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and loss of control with life and all its’ busyness, listen to “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.”
  • Looking for the meaning and depth of love, faithfulness and loyalty, try “Whither Thou Goest” (Ruth 1:16)
  • Seeking God in the noise of today, hear the message in “A Still Small Voice” (1 Kings 19: 12-13)
  • Finding connectedness with others, pay attention to “I May Never Pass this Way Again”
  • Seeking God’s blessings, hearken to “May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You”
  • Sharing joy with God in the quietness of a garden, wander “In The Garden.”

There is some music that rends the soul but there is so much more that can lift you up and carry you away to places, times and people you’ve encountered or would like to encounter. Hope does spring eternal through our musical interludes. Cherish the moments.

Positive Influence Steps

  • Can you recommend music to others that may have a shared feeling? Can it be expressed across the miles and in different countries? You may want to view one such interlude put together by “Playing For Change” at: http:// /episodes/2/Stand_by_Me
  • Examine at the music you listen to: Does it provide a Positive Influence in your life? Do the lyrics lift you up and take you to a time and setting the produces hope and love? Can you seek some solace and peace in the music (not all music needs lyrics to spirit you away)?

Now think of the tunes that are anchored in your mind, that will virtually take you on a journey back to a time in your history. Sometimes the passage of time seems to melt away when a song or melody is heard. This gives you the opportunity to “visit” that place once again.

(*this article was part of the Positive Influence newsletter series)

What influence does music have on you? Where does it take you?