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Have you ever found yourself looking at something sitting on a shelf, buried in a box or being tossed out and find your thoughts snapped back to the time when it entered your life? A simple coffee cup…one of my favorites…can do that. It reminds me of a couple of mission trips to Arizona, the times spent there, the connections made, the services performed, the difficulties encountered, and always the shared laughter.

This cup is particularly appropriate as it highlights a person in a maze. It reminds me of those mission trips and gives me pause to reflect on the maze of life and how we journey from experience to experience, sometimes seeing the path clearly and other times not.  We travel the roads of life creating uplifting anchor points to be cherished, and some that include sadness and disappointment. Whether it is a knick-knack, a sound, a smell, an emotion, a place or a person, we enter a time travel machine and are transported to that experience.

So what’s the point of all of this? Perhaps when I stumble across something which zips me back to a memory it is worth the few minutes to recall, reflect and learn from the memories. Grabbing the moment when I can take time from busy schedules to embrace the recollection and if the memory is not so sweet, maybe a time to let it go and move on.

Now to go out, enjoy an a-maze-ing day and relish the chance to create more memory anchors.

Anchors away, my friends!

Grab the moment from busy schedules to embrace the past experiences and events. If the memory is not so sweet, perhaps it's time to let it go and move on; otherwise make sure to reflect on and celebrate those moments.