Landing in Adventure

The thermometer read over 90 dF so what was the brilliant plan for an adventure day? Miniature golf, of course! Out under the blazing blue sky of North Carolina sans any wind is perfect for standing still and just putting a round or two of golf, right?


Not even close.

Adventure Landing ( ) in Winston-Salem sports three (3) miniature golf games. Amid waterfalls, giraffe, hippopotamus, and crocodile, you could spend several hours trying to sink a hole in one. In the Carolina heat, however, we were pushed to complete just one round of golf.

Using our Attractions Book ( ) coupon, we picked up four tickets for two rounds of golf and spent $10 for 60 arcade game tokens for a total cost of around $34. A bit more than I had expected but it will give us another chance to go golfing when the weather is less sunstroke producing.

Letting the gkids pick the course, we started in the middle one (forgot to write the names of each course down…may update later when we go back and play another round). Within the first two holes it was apparent that the boys, Isaiah and Jeremiah, were going to compete (aka argue, discus, bicker) about who goes first at each hole. So I assigned Isaiah to go first on the odd numbered holes and Jeremiah on the even numbered holes. One problem solved.

Next problem, how to golf correctly. The first 6-7 holes were easy to help them understand the rules and player etiquette. Arriving somewhere around hole number 8, the sun was beginning to melt our brains and cook our patience. It was just about here that Jeremiah took a swing, hit the ball up into the air, through a fence and “kerplop” right into the watering hole between the crocodile and hippopotamus. Wanting to make sure he understood it was okay, and to prevent an outbreak of woe-is-me’s, we told him it was a powerful hit and the golf shop will gladly give him another ball to use. Problem solved.

When the holes became too tedious (and remember we were baking in the sun’s oven) Isaiah got the idea of using the golf club as a pool cue and sinking the shot creatively. Jeremiah picked up on it and soon both boys had thrown out the “this is the way it is done” rules and added the gkid rule: “anyway to get the ball in the hole is okay.” Tediousness of the adventure turned into fun and creativity…another “problem” solved by the gkids but a bit tough on those of us who wanted the rules followed (Adultitis struck us a few times; see to see how high is your Adultitis level).

Around hole 13, the heat really turned up (literally and figuratively). I blame it on the fact the boys knew we had tokens for the arcade games and they knew it would be a lot cooler inside than outside. So the last holes were finished in record time with Jeremiah finishing his hole number 18 by picking up the golf ball, walking over to the hole, and dropping it in. Whew!

Turning in our golf clubs and getting our tokens for the arcade machines, the boys headed off to the dinosaur hunting game and plunked down 4 tokens each to save the world from hungry dinosaurs. Then off they went to a shooting game, motorcycle game and car game. Soon they had tried most of the standard arcade games which led them to the “drop your money in here and receive a random amount of coupons” games. Spending their (and our) last tokens on these games produced a handful of coupons, which they eagerly exchanged for Dracula teeth, tattoos, balls, and other knick knack toys.

With a few “bleh-bleh-blehs” (aka Transylvania Hotel Drac) we left Adventure Landing to possibly return on a cooler day.

Life Lesson

This is a tough one. I suppose the observation of how our miniature golf game went from “follow the rules” to “throw out the rules” when the sunshine became too intense might lead a variety of analosgies. For example, an analogy of the frantic work environments we sometimes experience where everything changes from a state of calm control to one of chaos when things break or go unexpected.

Or perhaps when raising kids, when life seems so easy because the kids are polite, respectful, helpful and behaving to when the kids seemed possessed, and life appears to be out of control and overwhelming.

Then again, it could be an analogy of when we follow the rules too much and how we need to “break out” and drop, change or ignore the rules in order to keep moving forward.

Then again…well, okay you figure out the best “life lesson” from this landing in adventureland.

I’m going to sit and enjoy the air conditioning. 😉

Attraction Notes

  1. Link:
  2. Location: 1600 S. Stratford Rd, Winston-Salem, NC
  3. Cost: each activity has a cost: miniature golf, arcade and bumper boats. If you can find a coupon through a US Mail coupon packet or by using the Attractions Book ( coupon you will save a few dollars.
  4. What did the kids like/dislike: Arcade. If it had been cooler outside, perhaps the golf would have ranked higher but the boys are really enamored with video games thus the arcades won out. They would have liked to try the bumper boats but that was an extra cost and would have been back out in the sun.
  5. Kids opinion of it: it was okay. They would have liked more variety of arcade-type games but found winning and exchanging coupons for goodies to make up for it. Also, the heat affected our golf games.
  6. What to do: golf, boat and play video games. There is a snack bar as well but we did not use it during our trip.
  7. New places to eat along the way: did not explore
  8. Discoveries: a reminder that hot days are not the best for miniature golf.
  9. Difficulty of getting around: none
  10. Return?Well, we do have another round of golf so we will return however the gkids will probably ask, repeatedly, if they can play the arcade games so….
  11. Restrooms? Restrooms are available
  12. Parking & handicap accessible: several rows of parking spaces exist but navigating around the complex is not really handicap-enabled.