Kaleidoscopic Memory

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Our lives are a kaleidoscope of memories, thoughts, experiences and built-in instinct. And of all of those only instinct might actually be shared between people.

Let me explain. Take an event…better yet let’s place a virtual rock on the table. You view it and feel it and sense it from your angle and I will do the same from my angle. Even if we stand in the exact same place, our view, perception, experience and memory of the experience will never be the same.

So how do we agree on the events in our lives? We can’t. We accept intrinsically that our worldview will never be the same but agree to forego minor differences so that we can agree on the major flow of the experience. We saw two cars come together and crash – I noted the mirror on the one car was slightly out of alignment, you noted that the one car had a slight scratch before the intersection of the two cars.

And our experiences, thoughts and created perceptions color our current viewing so that there will always be a difference in what we ‘share’ together. We have a shared memory but differ on the details and what captured our ever fleeting attention.

Turn the kaleidoscope one more time, the view changes and how we want to relate the experience or event to others. You tell your part and I’ll fill in the gaps or vice versa…and sometimes arguments occur because we differ and sometimes we just let those pass.

Turn the kaleidoscope again…and now what do you see (that I don’t); please fill in the gaps to make it a richer, more colorful story.

Turn, turn, turn...what do we see through the kaleidoscope of memories.