Get Sick…prelude to a Busy Week! Part 1

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Subtitle: Day 1 “Parks”

Well, I managed to succumb to the spring flu season this year and shared it with my wife (such a giving husband!). This delayed, postponed and cancelled any adventures with the grandsons and sadly cancelled my participation in a birthday celebration put together by my granddaughter. Dang!

To start to make up for it the grandsons went on several adventures, which I am initially writing as one blog post but will actually publish it as two posts breaking it in half based on each days’ activities. See the Attraction Notes for relevant event reviews (layout changed based on feedback – let me know whether this change is helpful).

Farmington Nature Park – Mocksville NC, a TRACK event

Well, okay it was a non-event. Big pile of gravel at the start of the not-too-well marked path indicated some work was forthcoming (hopefully) to this path. The Kids In Parks brochure stand and map was posted but 2 out of 3 adventure brochures ended up without tops and the pamphlets had been subjected to the elements…still usable just not in pristine condition. Driving on a rutted road showed us where the trail actually started but the condition of the start, the long walk to the woods and the sun made most of us vote to skip this until later in the year. Jeremiah was the dissenting vote because he wanted to walk in the woods. Cool.

Rich Park – Mocksville NC

So we drove to Rich Park on Cemetery Road in Mocksville NC. Across the street from a school, this park had several playground areas, a ball field, walking trails, shelters and restrooms (that worked…yay!). Running around the first playground the boys tried everything in sight. Isaiah became Tarzan and swung from hanging rings and Jeremiah climbed and slid down all of the slides. There was an old metal jungle gym play set that reminded me of the playgrounds of my youth. Once “boredom” was expressed, we grabbed the boys for a walk down one of the winding, paved paths. Picking up leaves, Isaiah became the botanist of the group. Jeremiah also got into the act by grabbing a mushroom and a few little leaves. On our walk we were told to watch out for snakes since they had been out and about earlier that week but we did not see any. There was more to see and do but the pollen in the air and the playground activities made everyone tired, eyes itchy and nose leaking so we stopped for the day knowing we would come back and try some of the other trails and play sets.

Life Lesson

Looking forward to the TRACK Trail, disappointment ensued when it was decided we would not go on it today. So the lesson here is making sure you have a back-up plan in mind. This allows a day which may start to be upsetting turn into a day of fun and frolic. New adventures are just around the corner if we just have a back-up plan or if we merely wander down the road a bit…

Attraction Notes

Farmington Nature Park

  1. Link:
  2. Location: 1723 Farmington Rd, Mocksville, NC 27028
  3. Cost: none
  4. What did the kids like/dislike: we postponed going on the trail so the their “dislike” was we left before we walked on it; will do a more thorough review in the future
  5. Kids opinion of it: to be written later
  6. What to do: There are four TRACK trail activities – Birds, Hide & Seek, Music from the Foothills, and Nature’s Relationships. Best to go online and download the brochure of choice.
  7. New places to eat along the way: did not eat prior to adventure
  8. Discoveries: it’s good to have alternative plans in mind in case an adventure falls through
  9. Difficulty of getting around: just finding the start of the trail was the hard part but perhaps when the gravel piles are distributed, it will be easier to find it; as far as the actual trail in the be reviewed later
  10. Return? Yes, if only to see what it holds for us
  11. Bathrooms? None in sight…there are the woods however 😉

Rich Park

  1. Link:
  2. Location: 299 Cemetery Street, Mocksville, NC 27028
  3. Cost: none
  4. What did the kids like/dislike: playground, trails
  5. Kids opinion of it: great place to go, playgrounds are in shady areas, trails are paved and easy to walk though kids wanted to wander off the beaten paths, Isaiah quickly ran through all playground equipment (at the first playground) and became “bored” — the trail walk afterwards was a good way to pick up interest again; other playgrounds and trails were intriguing for the boys but we just ran out of time (and energy). For the parents there are several swinging metal benches and a covered picnic shelter.
  6. What to do: playground activities
  7. New places to eat along the way: did not stop anywhere though lots of places exist in Mocksville
  8. Discoveries: clean restrooms, multiple playgrounds, multiple walks; a map would be nice to have to see the extent of the park but none appeared to be available on-site or on-line; “Pa” discovery – need to find a new perspective of play for gkids when a playground seems to be “boring” (perhaps make it a timed- or Olympic-type event with a sports announcer to make it more fun?)
  9. Difficulty of getting around: none; paths are paved, sidewalks to all areas, few bees, great for all
  10. Return? Definitely!
  11. Bathrooms? Multiple clean indoor bathrooms.

Started off disappointed. Ended up finding a new park where the gkids can have hours of fun.