Fishing: an Adventure in Patience

Fishing itself is an adventure. Add two boys (4 and 7 year old) and the adventure just gets….better? Well, it depends on the fishing lake or creek, the weather, the bites on the fishing line, the bugs and the hopeful catches.

The Village Point Lake in Clemmons NC is a family-friendly lake (with no bathrooms) with a walking path around the lake, a fishing pier and plenty of shoreside spots to cast a line in. Isaiah (7) and Jeremiah (4) have been asking to go fishing for weeks and though I am not opposed to going fishing when the temperature is 40 dF outside, I am at the point of saying “Nope, not today” to those requests. Yesterday being a warm day, we decided to give fishing a try. Going to the local fisherman’s supply store we picked up some night crawlers and made our way to the lake.

The pier was attracted Jeremiah’s attention but Isaiah wanted to go to the shore spot he used last year where he caught a good 8-10 small sunfish and a turtle. The reasoning of course was wherever I was before and caught fish I should be able to catch more fish now. It is good reasoning but it is definitely season dependent.

This time though lines were cast and cast again, no fish bit at the bait.

For those parents and grandparents who attempt fishing note: perhaps you will have more luck than me but I found trying to teach the boys patience while fishing (aka cast your line out, let it sit and have fish discover it, then reel it in) was a lost cause. Using a bobber, sinker and hook they cast the line out, mentally counted to…1…then began to reel it in. I assume their thought was “no fish bit it as soon as it hit the water, therefore I must cast it out again.”

Anyway, fishing is an art, requires some skill and most of all it requires patience. Patience on the part of the fisherboys who expect immediate battle with fish and turtles, and patience by the fisherman, who tries to teach, lead and of course detangle tangles and bait hooks endlessly. However if the fisherman (read “I”) actually forgoes the thought of fishing, and is just around to help, serve and teach the experience changes drastically. As “Pa” I can put my fishing rod down and focus on really paying attention to the boys adventure with fishing…those fish that are caught and those that get away…even those times when nothing is biting and stone throwing takes precedence over fishing.

Life lesson to consider…sometimes I get so busy trying to actively participate, I miss the singular moments of discovery and joy experienced by the boys. Whether it is fishing or some other activity, I need to have patience and put the rod down to watch…teach….and yes, learn from the perspective of fresh eyes.

Here’s to putting the rod down even if I want to join in the fun…

Attraction notes:

The Village Point Lake is located at 3210 Village Point Drive in Clemmons North Carolina. According to the website the lake is stocked with Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Bream, Bluegill, Catfish, Crappie, Flathead Catfish, Redear Sunfish, Striped Bass, and Warmouth, although the only fish we’ve seen are the bluegill and sunfish. Painted turtles abound and during our trip we observed at least 8 turtles sunning themselves.

Around the lake is a walkway extending past the lake and up the road. Local eateries are plentiful so after fishing, you can grab a quick bite to eat (maybe not fish 😉 ). Best times of the day? No clue…we have been there early, midday and late and the only advice I can lend is bring bugspray during the summer and fall and carry water…it gets very hot in the sun.

Have fun!