Empty Playgrounds

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Have you ever passed an empty playground? I have. Ones that are empty due to the time of day, time of year, or just empty due to the passage of time, the departure of families  and distractions of modern life.

How many children began their journey to adulthood there? How many learned to overcome bumps, bruises or the teasing of others and how many were overwhelmed by the skills required or the people they encountered? How many adults left their childhood and joy of play swinging on the playground of life?

Sometimes it helps to zoom down a slide and re-connect with the exhilaration of play – the lightness of the spirit that play returns to our being. Other times it is soul freeing to sit on a swing and glide back and forth looking up to the skies to be reminded of flight and how our chapter is part of the larger story.

Hanging and climbing on the monkey bars gives us a sense of those events in our lives where we have grappled with obstacles and transitions. And sometimes where grief makes us miss a bar and dangle over the precipice of despair.

For each playground we can recover the joy, passion and freedom of exploration, take time to reflect on our life and re-discover that play is an integral part in where we came from and where we are in our journey through time.

Here’s to the playful break in our rush to tomorrow.

Sitting back and observing an empty playground shows the potential just waiting to be re-discovered.