Don’t Stop Moving

It’s been a few weeks since my last writing. Life has a way of interrupting the best of intentions. Between illnesses, hospital visits, trips, travails, time with friends & family, and other events, time slipped away between posts. I have started a couple but they are waiting for my “final” thoughts to wrap them up…that or no thoughts and a full closure (hmmm, another life metaphor?).

So today is a note about “keep moving” (an active version of “don’t stop moving”) and a short write-up on one of the days’ activities.

Keep Moving

I have been pondering “don’t stop moving” for a while…usually while sitting on the couch vegetating out on mindless television shows or movies. The fact that moving my body (whether fast or slow, through exercise regimes or purposeful chores, or with aches and pains or feeling great) makes me feel alive, boosts my morale, and stretches my mouth into a silly grin. In my recent book and article readings, most have recommended some form of moving…constantly…daily…minute-by-minute. The only place for rest is a mindful, meditative pause or full-blown sleep; otherwise, move. In Ogimi Okinawa, the centenarians rise early, practice some form of short movement, grab a cup of tea, and then begin their day. The exercise may be radio taiso, yoga, qidong or tai chi…or for a lot of them, after a cup of tea they simply go out and work in their gardens (they ALL have gardens). (source: Ikigai by Garcia and Miralles)

Movement is healthy for the mind, body, and spirit so I am not sure why the couch/easy chair has such a big pull, however, keeping that in mind, our grandsons were sent spiraling through a day of movement. From project work to cooking to balloons to badminton to dancing, they kept moving for 90% of the time they were with us. Yes, there were some quiet “meditative” activities like watching a movie and playing a couple of video games, but for the most part, it was a day where their minds were active, their creative juices got flowing and their bodies enjoyed lots of movement.

Here’s what we did in a nutshell:

  1. Easy boomerangs (more in this below)
  2. Making chocolate drop dessert
  3. Flying squeaky balloons (much to our dogs’ displeasure)
  4. Outside tossing of boomerangs
  5. Movie time
  6. Dance craze to the Macarena
  7. Indoor balloon badminton

Toss in a couple of 30 minute video game segments and there you have it. Add lunch to the mix and gmama and pa were ready for a nap (“stop moving”) after the gkids left! But the movement felt great. The movement beat sitting. Movement in any form (small or large, calm or intense) is life!

So it’s time to “get up” and….you got it….move!

Simple Boomerangs Project

I decided today would be a good day to complete a simple project. It would allow them to use a new tool, be creative and then test out their creation. As luck would have it, I had everything in place (no extra expenses or supplies needed).

Here’s the supply list:

  1. Hot glue gun (new tool)
  2. Wide wooden popsicle sticks (narrow ones may also work; we just did not test them)
  3. Colored markers (creative)


  1. Teach the gkids about hot glue guns…how they work (what is a hot glue stick, how it melts, how it is extruded), how hot the tip is (safety), how hot the glue coming out is (safety), and how quickly they need to use it (timing)
  2. Glue 2 (or more) popsicle sticks together in a cross format (though we experimented with other variations, see image)…explain and marvel at how quickly the boomerang is ready to be used versus using regular wood glue
  3. Pick up colored markers and color the creations…there is no “right” way of doing this and each becomes a unique masterpiece
  4. When coloring is complete, go outside and throw the creation…try different ways of holding it and throwing it, into the wind and with the wind. If inspired read up on simplified boomerang flight dynamics

(c) 2019

Be aware that these boomerangs will NOT fly straight (thus the bequeathed name “boomerang”). Also be aware that until you figure out their “typical” flight path, you will want to toss them in an open area that has few obstacles (envision shaking tree limbs to get errant boomerangs down, climbing fences to retrieve crazy flight path deviant boomerangs, or having to rush inside to do an instant repair job after it has collided with a hard surface).

That’s it. Hot glue, two popsicle sticks, color, and go!

Now get out there and have some fun moving around!

Don’t Stop Moving!

(I’m now going out to rake leaves…for “fun” and purpose-full movement).

(c) 2019