Correction…membership snafu

Instead of editing a previously published post, I am just going to drop a quick update here. I have touted the benefits of the some of the annual memberships (NC Zoo and Kaleideum in particular) but a recent visit to a museum surprised me.

We have been members of  Kaleideum for the past 3 years as Grandparents. This membership provides entry for all of the “grands” (grandparents and grandkids). We have used this pass to get into several other museums and it was only on a recent trip where they read the card and determined we do not have the benefit of discounted/free entry. They were gracious enough to allow us entry anyway but it begged asking about it.

Bottom-line? The Family annual membership is the one to purchase that provides benefits through the ASTC (Association of Science – Technology Centers) and ACM (Association of Children’s Museums) organizations. So for an upgrade of $48 (in 2019) above the Grandparent fee you can have oodles of places opened up for little or no additional entry cost. For more information about this membership, the facilities covered by the ASTC and ACM agreements, and other local participating companies, visit the Kaleideum membership page.