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SOAR_CompanionAlong life’s roads it is awe-inspiring to be blessed with a companion; someone who will take the journey and not follow or lead but walk besides you. To take each step together even though there may be short partings as one wanders off the path to investigate new sights, lessons and experiences.

And whether the companion is a spouse, a close friend or family member, they are at times  taken for granted and the blessings they impart not realized until they are no longer with us. Casting light into our lives our friends and family make the world seem a friendlier place (and yes, some do cast shadows in our lives but lessons can be learned in the dark as well).

So where is this message going? It’s the observation and reflection of the impact others have made in our lives. Viewing the blessings associated with those who have traveled along with us and then realizing in hindsight the impact we have made in the lives of others. Like a stone tossed into a quiet pool of water, the ripples generated by those we surround ourselves with become overlapping circles of influence — and the result is who we are today and how we shape those around us by our actions or inactions.

So a sense of gratitude is felt for the one who travels alongside us each day through “thick and thin,” the “good and the bad,” and the “light and the dark.” And for the others who have filled our life experiences, an awareness of and sense of wonder at the impact they have made in our lives. Solace can be gained by putting our shoes (together) on a rail and truly reflecting on this aspect of life’s journey…and perhaps realizing our role, effect and mark in the lives  of others.

Or as Andy Andrews has stated in many of his presentations “What you do matters forever

How have you been influenced? How are you impacting others?

Your Life Matters.


The companion(s) who choose to walk-alongside us through life's travels and travails influence and impact us in many ways...just as we affect their life journey.

What You Do Matters. Forever.