Sometimes I sit back and wonder where all the time goes. I mean, I intend on doing this or that but for some reason, those carefully crafted plans never come to fruition. Why is that? What is keeping me from “being all that I can be” to quote a familiar motto? Continue reading “Discipline”

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

I am missing the sounds of whispers, conversation clarity, rustling leaves, the buzz of hummingbird wings, sounds of crickets, peeping of frogs, songs of birds…

…and thankful for technology that allows me to recoup some of this loss. The wind whipping the trees in a chaotic dance as the leaves and the birds make a symphony only nature could produce.


I find myself walking and looking down a lot. I call it the “thoughtful” or “troubled soul” way of walking depending on life’s events. I also find it a way of keeping the world “small” and somewhat controllable. Then I realize what I am doing and look up…and am amazed how that small movement can change my attitude. I stop then pivot my view and look straight up at the trees just beginning to bloom, the blue sky and the rushing clouds. And though I want to control everything in my life, it is good for me to pause in wonder and awe at life around me. I become aware I am part of a larger story…one totally out of my control and that it’s okay to let go, be at peace in the moment, and just rest my swirling thoughts.

(c) P. Nehnevajsa

The End….or Maybe Just A Pause?

So…the end?


For now.

A brief (or permanent?) interlude while the mind recovers from all of the attempts and self-imposed pressures of posting thoughts and reflections.

The domain and this material will remain for a while (after all it’s already paid for it) but new material may only appear…well, nowhere on-line.


Well, let’s just say life hands us new challenges…ones that require more attention and therefore pull us away.

And so, though I am still writing…short-ish stories…I will not feel the pressure to post new material.

Basically, I’m putting my Shoes On A Rail as far as these on-line postings are concerned.

When or if I return, I will ensure this site has an operable subscription link.

But for now…

…this is…

Image by TanteTati from Pixabay

Swimming in the Shallows

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Swimming requires knowledge, practice and overcoming fears.

    • Knowledge on how to perform the strokes, breathing regime and kicks for the situation
    • Practice to become more confident in the ability to handle yourself in the water and become better in the skills glide through the water safely.
    • Overcoming the fears of drowning, the unknown and chaotic water events by hours of practice and knowledge will increase the confidence of how to handle ourselves.

Continue reading “Swimming in the Shallows”

Can’t Help It

I so much want to whine today but I will post the following instead:

  • From the movie “Forever Strong”: Rick Penning & Coach Gelwix: “I don’t do ANYTHING to embarrass myself, my team and my family.”
  • Our political parties (summarized from debates and ads): “I do EVERYTHING to embarrass and belittle the other party & candidates, my constituents, and my country.”
  • Other political/media pundits: “I do EVERYTHING to divide, manipulate and exploit the fears and ideals of EVERYONE who does not support my way of thinking.”
Think I’ll stick with the first one.
As Leon Logothetis says “Go. Be. Kind.”

Footstep Analogies & Metaphors

There are so many analogies and metaphors about footsteps that it seems self-serving to write yet another missive about them. Well, yes in a way it is but it is also my way to explain how everyday events can be used to help me relate stories and thoughts to others. Continue reading “Footstep Analogies & Metaphors”