Re-using what’s in front of you… (20220430)

Perspectives on re-use

Take for example a dollar store pair of sunglasses no one wants to use. Add a sprinkle of googly eyes 👀. Place on nose and voilà…you see (and present yourself) differently.

How many things do we constantly use per the basic rules, instructions and expectations, when with a slight shift in perspective (ie, what else can I do with this) we can gain hours of more fun, exploration and use?

Wonder and Whimsy Escape Adulthood Interview (20220416)

I was recently informed I would be featured as the Escape Adulthood Adultitus Fighter for April 2022. As part of that … ummm …. Recognition, I was asked several questions. My responses are listed below, unedited, though in hindsight I would add more to each question asked:

What are some of your favorite ways to fight Adultitis?

Play, laugh, make others have an Ah-Ha! moment by seeking a different (and sometimes wacky) perspective, remember games played when a child

Who or what has been the greatest influence in your own fight against Adultitis?

Grandkids (observe & enjoy who they are and not mold them to the expectations of the world), Escape Adulthood, Laughter, Don’t Take everything So Seriously, Break Unwritten Rules (eat dessert first!)

What is something you loved doing as a child that you still do in some form today?

Write, play card & board games, go fishing

What is your strategy for dealing with people who are obviously infected with Adultitis?

Eek! Try to inject some humor, be vulnerable (ie, self-deprecating humor seems to go a long way but need to get a “feel” for how it would be received)

What advice do you have for someone who is feeling overwhelmed by Adultitis?

Find a friend and laugh, go on an adventure, read Calvin & Hobbes, Wallace the Brave or Mother Goose & Grimm (laugh), take a break from everyday life and just relax (not hurried, chaotic vacations), breath, always remember that “you ARE good enough”

Anything else you’d like to share before the orchestra begins playing?

Though in our hurried and busy “to-do” lives we tend to forget it, everyone has a gift they can share to lift others up. Discover it. Reflect on it. Use it.