Bike Riding – Jamison Park and Muddy Creek Greenway

The gkids are learning how to ride bicycles. At first, they treated the bikes timidly but after several attempts and practices, they are almost too fearless (as far as Pa is concerned). Riding up and down the driveway, then escorted down the street they proved they had the stamina to try out riding on a greenway.

We decided we would give the Muddy Creek Greenway a try. The greenway is a paved path, which is wide enough for people to ride side-by-side. Walkers, runners and bike riders use the path, and people take their four-legged friends for walks along it. It has a slight incline and is shaded by the many trees and shrubs that border the path. To get to it, we entered by way of the Jamison Park entrance next to Meadowlark Elementary School. Parking is easy and plentiful and a restroom is near the parking lot.

We took the bikes off the of bike carrier and out of the vehicle, checked the tires, and put on our helmets in preparation for our ride. Wandering over the path to the greenway, we passed the small playground area. The incline down to the greenway is actually steeper than any of the greenway path.

Making a left we rode our bikes on another sunny Carolina day. Isaiah blazed ahead and Jeremiah did his best to keep up with him…just a bit harder on a smaller bike. My wife and I rode slowly and took time to re-learn how to ride our bikes and change the gears – a bit out of practice.

We rode to the end of the path then turned around and headed back. We noted the dog play area that was installed at Jamison Park, the creek that flowed next to the path, and the many plants we passed. We continued past our initial entry point and kept riding.

Meadowlark Elementary was having their Field Day and you could see the desire to join in the fun on both gkids faces. Riding a bit more and turning around, we soon were back at the start and proceeded to try and ride up the hill to the playground and parking lot. Two of us made the ride up the hill (Gmama and Isaiah) and two of us made it up part of the way and walked the rest of the path (Pa and Jeremiah). A few minutes play on the playground and we soon were packing up the car to leave to grab a bite of lunch.

Life Lesson

Persevere. Isaiah’s enthusiasm and energy in zooming ahead with his newly found bike-riding skill left us in his wake. Jeremiah, however, persevered. His smaller framed bike and pumping legs made a grand attempt at keeping up with his bigger brother. Never complaining and a smile on his lips, he was a great example to those of us (who will remain unnamed) who may, on occasion mind you, complain and frown and…well, you get the idea. Here’s to perseverance with a smile!

Attraction Notes

  1. Link:
  2. Location: accessed via Jamison Park, 285 Meadowlark Dr., Winston-Salem, NC (
  3. Cost: None.
  4. What did the kids like/dislike: nice flat, paved riding surface. Easy ride. Isaiah would have liked to ride more but we decided to stop early to not overdo our first ride together.
  5. Kids opinion of it: perfect for beginning bike riders. Both boys gave it a thumbs up.
  6. What to do: bike, run, walk, and play on playground.
  7. New places to eat along the way: Food choice nearby included Sheetz and Subway. We decided to stop at the Subway and they did a great job today in putting together our sandwiches. The boys were so tired and hungry after the bike ride their food disappeared as fast as it was set in front of them.
  8. Discoveries: the Muddy Creek Greenway has multiple connections/access points. It is best to view the most current information but as a start here is a list of connections from the Muddy Creek webpage: Country Club Road, Robinhood Road, Jamison Park, Meadowlark Middle & Elementary schools, Jefferson Elementary School; five neighborhood connectors (Brooks Landing, Century Oaks, Stonebridge, Cedar Trail, Summerfield & Lantern Ridge)
  9. Difficulty of getting around: none. Path is smooth, paved, and 10 feet wide with gentle up and downhill grades.
  10. Return? Yup…great place for beginning bike riders and for just walking or running. On hot days the foliage allows for some shady spots to take a break and grab a much-needed swallow of water.
  11. Restrooms? A bathroom exists at Jamison Park but we did not go in. We did not see any other facilities on our ride so make sure to stop first then ride.
  12. Parking: plentiful