“America is Angry. Now What?” (Escape Adulthood blog)

Putting on the Adult hat for a moment, I find I resonate with the words in the Escape Adulthood article (https://escapeadulthood.com/blog/2020-06-07/america-is-angry.html) and appreciate the Yoda-ish flavor of the chain reaction of fear (“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” –Yoda). Politics and the media has seemed to thrive on fear to motivate change…and not always for the betterment of people. Fear-generating and power-seeking sway too many people to behave in ways that are not uplifting or respectful of others. Add a dose of slanted, thrill-seeking media (vs the old Dragnet phrase “Just the facts, ma’am”), search engine filter bubbles (https://www.ted.com/talks/eli_pariser_beware_online_filter_bubbles), and social media taunts and snarky comments, and we are ripe to be pushed into chaos and mob-thought, letting our confirmation biases run rampant.

Fear is a survival trait but angry people say unthoughtful things and once out they are near impossible to retract. Angry people are disrespectful of other people…their lives, their cares, their concerns. “Hurt people hurt people.” – Jason Kotecki

And it saddens me.

We, as humans, seem to have a need to categorize things. To put things in little cubby holes so we can try and make sense of this world. And so, even when not trying to do so, we stereotype people by race, color, religion, culture, community, career, appearance, nationality, and on and on.

It is why I try to create a “library” of talks and videos (see below) to help move through the fuss and gain some semblance of clarity and understanding. 

It is why I do random acts of kindness. 

It is why I do the best I can to acknowledge my anger then seek out why I am really angry (root cause) because sometimes the anger is a reaction to something totally unrelated. 

Sometimes the anger is because I set my expectations so high and they were not met. 

Sometimes it’s due to “this is how I expected things to go” and they didn’t (your example of a pity party).

So here’s a partial list of videos and a short reason why I have kept it. 

And yes, I said “we” but I really mean “me”…because like most of us, I get forgetful and stuck in my own little corner of the world and forget the bigger, more diverse, more interesting picture of the world.

And it’s great to see, sometimes self-promoting, videos of companies reaching out to the humanity of all:

There are so many uplifting videos and talks (ie, TED) about diversity, acceptance, and caring for others…it’s a shame we devolve to hate, fear, and less than civil behavior.

So, here’s to laughter, wonder, excitement, curiosity, creativity, smiles, gratitude, and random acts of kindness to help us combat the fear and anger!!

Our behavior is our choice…