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So now that I’ve committed to jotting down Adventures With Pa I had to ask myself…

“Self, where do we start?”

And of course since I was speaking to myself, I didn’t have a ready answer. So I decided to just start with what activities, places, and “stuff” I have been blessed to participate and observe with my grandkids.

Yup, that is what I thought.

Then I realized the photographic collages (more on this later) I do after our times together are the only records of our adventures and there are WAY too many to place here. So I am starting with a simple list of some of the Adventures we have taken in the past year or so. As time goes by I will add notes and explanations to most of these especially those where I have noted oodles of excitement emanating from my gkids.

So here’s the initial list in no particular order; it’s a longer post than I normally put together so be patient. Please note any links are for your information and may change with time.

Places – fee-based:

Places – free:

  • Splash Parks – wet activity (some have an entry fee)
  • Playgrounds – themed and plain (whoever came up with themed playgrounds was a genius…walking on dinosaurs…cool!)
  • Parks
  • Libraries – books, borrowed movies, kids activities at the library
  • CCSB Reptile Rescue & Rehab Center
  • Free Zoos – they DO exist! They are also called “pet stores” but some of the bigger ones have a bunch of critters for the kids to see and observe.

Outdoor activities:

  • Fishing
  • American Noodle Warrior – explanation forthcoming
  • Airplanes – paper and assembled
  • RC Cars – drive, crash, BOOM!
  • Kite flying – ups and downs
  • Bubbles (lots and lots and LOTS of bubbles)
  • Ball games – hockey, baseball
  • Shopping and lunch out
  • Hiking, stone throwing, creek hopping
  • Horse riding/feeding – Gmama’s specialty
  • Dog walking – gotta do it, so make it fun
  • Firehouse visit
  • Water fights – prepare to get wet whether you want to or not
  • Sidewalk chalk art and scribbling
  • Family Selfie Marathon

Indoor activities:

  • Board Games
  • Card games
  • Video games (of course!! This is one of the modern solutions to the parental time old question of “what to do now to get a few minutes to breath and relax before we start again”)
  • Playdoh
  • Building stuff (wooden kits and other things)
  • Creativity moments (cards, cutting, pasting, glitter, et al)
  • Movies
  • Rock Painting
  • Painting – paper, paper plates, each other (don’t tell mom!)
  • Coloring – markers, crayons, pencils; coloring books, mandela-type books, free-hand
  • Airplanes – paper and assembled
  • RC Cars – drive, crash, tumble down the stairs
  • Cutting paper with scissors – still finding pieces
  • Reading books
  • Writing stories
  • Character adventures – puppets dinosaurs
  • Gumby hide ‘n’ seek – to be explained later but can be done with anyone, child or adult. If you are really curious you can find the inspiration for this on the Escape Adulthood website
  • Cooking – pancakes, cookies, pies

So there you have it! These are some of the adventures and activities of the past year. My next writing will talk about one of these items unless the gkids and I discover a new adventure before then.

Adventures with Pa list of things done, places visited, and indoor and outdoor activities over the past year (or so).