About Us

Never have enough time to travel, or walk, or bike? The lessons and journals learned through some mis-guided travels may offer a way for you to experience the world by exploring trips from an unusual point of view.

Semi-professional, semi-retired and with a heart for humor, virtually travel with us and then go out and discover your own unique way of travelling. You will discover places and analogies around every corner of the world even in not-so-interesting-sounding places.

It’s the little things in life that add up to a life well lived.

So, join the journey. SOAR with us. Take some time to put YOUR shoes* up on a rail and reflect on the diversity of the world we live in.

*Note to footwear manufacturers and to our website guests: shoes displayed in any personal photo are not necessarily an endorsement or commentary of those foot coverings. Some are more comfortable than others. Some are worn in situations where other footwear would have been more appropriate. Please keep this in mind when browsing this site (and big Thank You to all footwear manufacturers who make traveling, hiking, climbing, running, biking et al more enjoyable).