Weather You’re Ready or Not (20220107)

Life comes at you whether you are ready for it or not

It was a cold, clammy, rainy night when…

Some novels start that way or use a description to give the reader a better picture of the environment. I’m not sure I can match the descriptive abilities of best-selling authors but here’s the weather we experienced a few days ago.

Going to bed at a reasonable hour (say 11pm or so), I was awakened at 4:15am by a loud BANG outside our bedroom window. Now, realize that I have hearing aids and when I sleep, I do not have them in since they would produce an ungodly amount of feedback. But hearing the sound, I rose from bed and crept to the living room area.

Pulling aside the curtain, I looked outside in amazement. It was a torrential downpour! Streams of water were cascading through the empty lot behind our home and small lakes were beginning their genesis. To double-check what had made the sound, I stepped outside into our screened-in porch and was assaulted by the incessant sounds of rain slamming against the room, water straining through our screens, and the roar of the water hitting and flowing, well, everywhere.

Now add the wind factor. To say it was windy it an understatement. Pushing the rain horizontally and marching the water in waves on the ground, the wind was enough to drive me back inside. Looking again through the window, I deduced the noise I heard was thunder from lightning I couldn’t see. Shrugging my shoulders, I went back to bed realizing it will all settle down by morning and I will be awake enough (and hearing enhanced) to see the total impact.

What I haven’t mentioned so far was the plummeting temperature. By morning the rain had ceased, the wind had died down, and snow began to fall. We only would get an inch or so versus the 9-12 inches experienced in other regions.

Glancing outside I looked out at the picturesque scene of snowfall and felt calm (interesting how snow does that). Remember, we did not suffer the amount of snowfall others, who would NOT use the word picturesque, experienced. But for us, it was beautiful. Stepping out on our porch to breath in the fresh air, I found what had made the horrendous bang earlier in the morning.

With the aid of the wind, our grill had decided to take a small trip. Pushed and prodded by the gusts of wind and by my lack of foresight to lock the wheels, it had rolled forcefully into one of the porch columns knocking off part of the column. It then gracelessly hit the sod, tripped, and fell over in pieces.

So much for my middle of the night deductive reasoning.

Righting the grill, snapping the bent door in place, and locking the wheels, “fixed” the grill and gave me time to experience the snow “face-to-face.” And so it went for the next 4 hours. The snow kept tumbling down making kids excited, frustrating parents who must work (but since school was cancelled, they had to find somewhere for the kids to go) and making some roads impassable (I-95 and its 24-hour traffic tie-up). I was grateful I did not have to go anywhere.

Fast forward a few hours, and the snow was all but gone.

Life is funny that way. We get slammed by events, seek shelter to weather those storms, recover as best we can, and hopefully take a breath to sit back and ponder, realizing that this cycle will undoubtedly repeat itself all too soon. And if we didn’t have or take a moment to pause, it is so easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged.

So, I give thanks for the quiet snowfall…the melting and distraction-free moments…just so I can take a breath and say a word of gratitude for those times of quiet reflection.

And I suppose “weather” we are ready or not, here we come life…

(note: images have been left out of this post; the original contains several images)